School Choice in the DR – Claudia Allende

Enriching the information set that parents have at the moment of choosing a school may have relevant, aggregate equilibrium e ffects in terms of enrollment.

Vicepresidency’s Projects – Hector Medina

PROSOLI through the CTC and CCPP aims to promote early childhood education with spaces for children in situations of vulnerability or social risk.

The In-depth Survey – Giancarlo Marichal

Innovations and web-based follow up system for fieldwork in the Dominican Republic.

School Construction and its impact on the education market – Mike Dinnerstein

There  have been many developing countries that have invested in school construction. But most investments came at an earlier stage in the country’s development such that many kids were still not in school and the private sector was small.

Subjective Beliefs and College Application: The role of Information – Francisco Cabezón

College decision is important. Several researchers in the area have shown that many students make this decision uninformed. Is there a cost-effective way to provide information to students?

Predicting School Dropout: A machine learning application – Olivia Bordeu

Random Forest to predict risk factor of dropping out of high school for students in the Dominican Republic, using only administrative data.

What goes in must come out? Teacher ability and Teacher quality – Sebastian Gallegos

This paper explores the role of teachers academic preparedness before entering college as a predictor of later teacher eff ectiveness. We then use this measure to think about how recruiting, developing and retaining aff ects the stock of quality teachers.